Girlfriend Plan
Girlfriend Plan
3,066.00 / Life time

This plan is specially designed according to your girlfriend and those couples who are seeking new methods to add more excitement and spice up their regular intimate life. This plan offers a series of positions specially made for a power pack performance in the bedroom and also guides the user to use different tools and things to create a wave of passion and reach the ultimate pleasure altogether with his partner.

Plan Features
New positions to level up the excitement
After owning this plan, the user will get to view 35 intimate positions that are chosen by our experts in a detailed manner and pictures for easy to understand. The positions are freshly designed to bring a breeze of freshness in the regular intimate life of the user.
Different intimate positions mean freshness in your relationship
This plan includes positions that can try out in the bedroom in a shower or in a lot of various places, that means the user is not bound with the same old school positions that he already tried. This plan offers the user a detailed yet very easy to do and understand positions.