Frequently Asked Questions

As the name indicates itself Intimate Solution provides the solutions for intimacy-related problems with easier and more conventional means. Intimate Solution is focused on how to give its users the benefits of Yoga, Exercises, and Intimate positions so they can enhance their intimate life. The tips and guidance are well elaborated yet in very easy to understand language.
In todays world, men are much prone to lose their interest in sex because there could be a lot of factors that makes a negative impact on their sex life like as mental stress, any kind of illness, certain medication can also suppress sex drive, loss of interest due to relationship problems, performance pressure and lack of self confidence.
Men live a few years less in comparison with the women but they have longer sexual life then the women.According to the medical science, a man can be sexually active till the age of 70 years.
According to a lot of studies and researches , doing yoga can help you with your penis enlargement because by doing certain kind of yoga asana and mudras, circulation of blood in your pelvic region increased and an increased level of blood flow can help you with a problem of erectile dysfunction and also allows your penis to grow.
Doing regular exercise can make your body muscles more flexible and strong and you will need that flexibility for performing a lot of sexual positions which make your experience pleasurable.
Stamina is the basic essential for sex and for building it you will need a lot of strength in your body and by doing exercise you can get a lot of strength and an enhanced stamina and this increased level of stamina can provide endurance and long lasting sex experience.
Stamina and endurance is the key to do sex more and much longer so if you want to increase your sexual sessions and time you have to try certain exercises as well as a proper diet which should be based on your body structure to gain the desired stamina and muscle strength.